IVF Preparations

IVF Preparations

Postby HammockGuy » February 27th, 2009, 3:04 pm

Even though we were going to use a surrogate to carry for us, my wife and I proceeded with the typical recommendations for couples who wish to become pregnant themselves. Our thinking was to simply do all that we can to possibly help our chances. In the case of surrogacy, as I’ve learned, it is us guys where most of difference can be made. A woman’s eggs are pretty well-protected from harsh elements and meds. That said, I did learn of one med that my wife almost took which is quite toxic and can lead to sterility.

We both did not have any alcohol for several months prior to our trip to Anand, India. And this was during football season! A sacrifice that was not all that difficult though. I don’t drink coffee or sodas, but we both stopped our intake of caffeine, namely by going with decaf tea (green, a very good antioxidant also). We never were smokers, but if you are, it is important to understand that this habit can hurt your (male & female) chances for success.

We take a good multi-vitamin, and my wife takes as part of her lupus treatment plan, folic acid, calcium and iron - which are highly recommended during pregnancy as seen in prenatal vitamin ingredients. Also recommended are fatty acids, such as Omega-3’s (make sure it is DHA and/or EPA). I had already been taking those, so it was easy to get my wife started as well.

Another side benefit of the Omega-3 supplement is that it helps thin the blood a little. Birth control pills (BCP’s) and the stimulation meds (estrogen in general) to be administered in India have a way of thickening the blood. If this is a concern, also consider a baby aspirin, which my wife was already taking as well. Please understand that my degrees are in the legal field and I’m not a nutritionist. I did do a fair amount of research though and ran this stuff by my wife’s doctor; and he concurred. Also, stress is not good for the IVF process, as with many things in life. If it can be avoided or alleviated, all the better. Easier said than done...

Ok, for us guys, the first thing to keep-in-mind is that the sperm that will hopefully make you a father was created from 65 to 74 days ago. This is not something you can do at the last second. Besides the aforementioned (alcohol and caffeine), drink PLENTY of water, and yes, loose-fitting underwear and pants do make a difference. It’s all about heat. So, do your best to avoid hot tubs and the like also. As far supplements go, after much research, I took a separate zinc, selenium, vitamin C & E pill daily. One can buy an all-in-one male fertility pill, but those were much more expensive. As a note, all of these ingredients are included in most multi-vitamins, but nothing near the recommended dosage needed to make a difference.

Another thing I just remembered is trying to avoid exposure to toxins and harsh chemicals. Think gasoline, solvents, even some of the more hardcore bathroom cleaning agents. These have shown to impact sperm...

My wife had never used BCP’s before, but Dr. Patel recommends, or at least generally recommends starting these on day 5 of the period just before traveling to India. This helps her with improved control of the timing of when the all important next cycle begins in India. In my wife’s case, because her periods were fluctuating like crazy (26 to 34 days), Dr. Patel recommended starting BCP’s a month earlier to better stabilize the periods. I mention this here so as to allow others sufficient time to contact your doctor and have the prescription ready.

In terms of getting our body’s ready for this trip, I realize that I might have missed a few things, so I hope others will provide additional input.
Four cycles with Dr. Nayana Patel, with the first and fourth giving us two beautiful, healthy baby girls! Persistence and determination are often rewarded, so stay the course...
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Re: IVF Preparations

Postby bigwalt » March 14th, 2009, 7:30 pm

Thanks HG for such an informative site!!

How many days did you have to spend there for the IVF preps?
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Re: IVF Preparations

Postby HammockGuy » March 14th, 2009, 8:17 pm

Hi BW. Welcome to these boards!

Fantastic question. Here was our schedule:

- Arrived in Anand late Sat night, 29 Nov 2008
- Sun sleep, relax, meander around...
- Mon (01 Dec 2008) off to the clinic to meet Dr. Patel, Hitesh and her staff where a blood draw provided information that my wife should start the injections on Tue...
- Tue day 1 of injections
- Wed day 2 of injections
- Thu day 3 of infections
- Fri day 4 of injections
- Sat day 5 of injections
- Sun day 6 of injections
- Mon day 7 of injections
- Tue day 8 of injections
- Wed exit injection at night, in the hotel room (clinic nurse)
- Thu no shots and after 10 pm, no food, only water
- Fri (12 Dec 2008) EPU & semen sample @ 9am, fertilization
- Mon 15 Dec 2008, embryos transferred to surrogate

So, if you can time it perfectly, assuming you do the stimulation injections there, two weeks is about the minimum duration of time needed. We, like most couples, add some padding before and after, just in case. The start is based upon the period begin date, and this often proves to be a bit challenging, so having some flexibility with the schedule is advisable... We had originally planned for about 3 weeks there so we wouldn't have stress if the period arrived early or late...

As a caveat, this was our schedule. I would ask Dr. Patel if the this is still the same. That said, having communicated with other couples, this has been fairly standard for a while. The couples we cycled were also on this same schedule...

I hope that helps a little BW.
Four cycles with Dr. Nayana Patel, with the first and fourth giving us two beautiful, healthy baby girls! Persistence and determination are often rewarded, so stay the course...
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Re: IVF Preparations

Postby Mirandy68 » October 25th, 2012, 10:45 am

Not sure if this is the correct place to post something. But SUPER excited! Dr Patel just emailed me stating that she is accepting me to her clinic. So now the testing that she requires I will start doing. My only concern is that with my previous IVF cycles I was hyperstimulated every time. The doses of medication kept being lowered and lowered. The first cycle I produced 28 eggs all which were poor quality. The second cycle I produced 40 eggs and only 1 embryo made it to Day 5. The last cycle I produced 24 eggs, 5 of which developed into Day 5 blastocysts (not the best quality). So does Dr Patel follow previous IVF protocols I've been on or does she do her own? I am really worried about starting a new protocol since the ones I've been on I haven't responded to well. Please let me know your experiences as far as what medications she places you on and how she monitors you throughout the process? Thanks soo much! Can't wait to become part of the Dr Patel family :)
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Re: IVF Preparations

Postby snv1979 » October 26th, 2012, 2:36 pm

Dont get into these numbers / scores. At the end of the day, all you need is just one good quality embryo.

Dr.Patel closely monitors your response and adjusts the dosage according to the response of your body.

This site has info on the supplements you could possibly consider having to improve your chances of good quality egg & sperm, and consequently, embryo quality.


This site is good as it references scientific studies, based on which the claims are made and consolidates them all in one place. You will need to take these supplements atleast 3-4 months prior to your cycle.

As with any medical regime, consult your family doctor before embarking on this, as many of these supplements could affect other conditions and/or functions.
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Re: IVF Preparations

Postby babiesrcuties » November 10th, 2013, 7:11 pm

Can anyone give more details on how the egg retrival procedure (the whole event) went on, especially having general anesthesia and the recovery?.....thanks
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Re: IVF Preparations

Postby Phoenix » November 16th, 2013, 1:47 pm

About egg retrieval or vaginal oocyte retrieval,
As I recall, the procedure was 15-20 mins in duration. They have you not eating anything the night before. I got gown to change into and climbed onto table with stirrups. The anesthesiologist put IV into arm asked me a couple of questions. He had me count and then he used syringe with white colored anesthesia into IV. During the procedure I remember seeing some kaleidoscope like colors. Then,I woke up after wheeled to recovery area 10 mins, maybe. I had a feeling of dry mouth. I would suggest bringing water and some crackers to eat if feeling nauseous. I felt groggy like I had a couple of drinks (but each person may be different) a little over an hour later and was able to walk in a straight line by myself downstairs and back to Rama hotel room. I would suggest bringing a sanitary napkin for some spotting after the procedure. Don't be surprised to see some blood in toilet after first time peeing post procedure. I spent the remainder of day lying down napping, watching some TV and ordering room service, drinking lots of water to flush out the remaining drugs. You would want to have the body use energy towards recovery. I would not do any strenuous activity afterwards. I hope that is helpful information.
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Re: IVF Preparations

Postby NormaThomas » October 14th, 2016, 1:09 am

Your sacrifice concerning no alcohol during football season was not all that difficult though. Thanks for the creative post published here! Just note that napping is important for your pregnant wife,as it is necessary for all students: http://livecustomwriting.com/blog/why-napping-is-so-important-for-students!
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