How to create a text hyperlink

How to create a text hyperlink

Postby HammockGuy » March 4th, 2009, 11:27 am

Ok, I know all, or at least most folks know how to provide a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or link to a website. As an example, if at Dr. Patel's website, simply click and copy the address and paste it where you want, such as here:

A text hyperlink though is something I've found many people don't know how to do, so let me explain...

First though, an example below of a sentence as to what I mean by a text hyperlink.

In the Helpful Links portion of this forum, provided is a link to Dr. Patel's website, as well as other ones that should be of assistance.

This allows one to provide links in the context of their sentence smoothly, and for many, this is desirable. So, how is this done? It's not all that difficult. Here's the "formula":

Code: Select all
[url=paste in your website here][u]provide your desired text here[/u][/url]

In the example above, here is what I did:

Code: Select all
[url=][u]Dr. Patel's website[/u][/url]

This is not a requirement for posting links within this forum, but since I know I would get asked at some point how I did my links, well, here you go. Enjoy.
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