Search Power!

Search Power!

Postby HammockGuy » March 8th, 2009, 8:12 pm

While I mentioned it earlier, I cannot emphasize enough one the biggest benefits, if not the biggest that this forum affords us - its search capabilities.

If I was only concerned about helping myself and those right now, I suppose I wouldn't care so much about search and how it can help others later, maybe someone like yourself. Let me explain what makes this different than most forum searches I've seen...

Let's say one wants to search on the word "Laksh" as in the hotel in order to read-up on any info that might exist. For comparison purposes I just did this in another forum and while it provided five lines of hits, the results essentially read like this:

Look inside these 3 sub-forums and these 5 topics, and oh, somewhere within 400 posts you'll find references to the word "Laksh". Gee, thanks :roll:

This is totally impractical and there is no way in heck I'd do that here; and is certainly one of the reasons I shopped around to find this offering...

Doing the same query here (please, try yourself to appreciate), yields something much, much different. The results show the user not only the exact location of the word (highlighted even), but also in context so one can easily discern if the hit is one that merits a deeper dive to read more. This is powerful and practical; and will serve us and those later exceptionally well.

Much like I wouldn't begin construction on substandard soil, or build upon a crappy foundation, the choice of board software was no mistake. I believe in having a vision in all that I aspire. Without such an objective for guidance purposes, decisions are generally haphazard and not well-informed, which often leads to less than ideal choices, compromising the vision.

For those wondering, yes I do manage projects (PMP), but it's not my true vocation...

Well, for search to be of any importance, there must be content! This is where I need your help...
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